Breakwater restructuring

Breakwater restructuring
Breakwater restructuring
Breakwater restructuring

Port-en-Bessin-Huppain is the largest fishing port in the Calvados department

It also has a pleasure craft activity.
The outer port is formed by two outer sea walls.

Two secondary breakwaters, one to the west and another to the east, were installed inside the outer port to protect the mooring and fish unloading areas from erosion.

The breakwater restructuring works consisted in containing each breakwater by sheet piling, without dismantling the existing piling.



  • Client: Departmental Council of Calvados
  • Prime contractor: Departmental Council of Calvados
  • Duration of works: March 2018 > April 2019
  • Contract amount: €3,500,000

Distinctive features and constraints 

  • The site's strong business and tourist activity
  • Very limited footprints
  • Poor load-bearing capacity of the structures retained

Main quantities

  • Reconstruction roadway and pre-excavation: 1650 m2
  • Demolition reinforced concrete: 192 m3
  • Boom to reinforce the east breakwater: Planking: 1200 m2,  Piles diam. 273: 74 u x 15 lm
  • Pre-drilling bedrock: 289 lm
  • Piling PU28: 723 t, for 390 lm of sheet piling
  • Clamping rods: 15.8 t
  • Self-drilling anchoring rods diam. 52/26 (retro method): 30 u x 15 lm
  • Metal HEB walings (including curves): 25 t
  • Concrete piercap: 390 ml
  • Wooden quay fenders
  • Backfill between sheet piling: 2500 m3
  • Compacted backfill: 1100 m3
  • Roadworks: 2000 m2
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