Construction of a floating dock

The town of Paimboeuf on the Loire estuary tasked Charier with the construction and installation of a floating dock intended for use in a number of professional and leisure activities.


  • Boost the commercial and tourist activity of the port of Paimboeuf.


  • Client: Town of Paimboeuf
  • Prime contractor: SCE Aménagement et Environnement
  • Duration: December 2016 > May 2017
  • Amount: €1,448,353

Distinctive features and constraints 

  • Built by dry process and towed on site
  • Deconstruction of the initial structure
  • Work on river

This equipment is replacing a barge used to moor fishing vessels and as a landing for passenger ships. The company's material resources and skills made it possible to provide all the project's working designs and works.


Techniques used 

  • Production of support piles:
    Anchoring into rock by pre-drilling from the "Cezembre" self-lifting platform
  • Demolition of a barge:
    Break-up in a dry dock, spraying with water due to the presence of materials containing asbestos: 
  • Heavy floating docks:
    Construction in a dry dock of two heavy floating docks in reinforced concrete, transported on site by towing.

Main quantitites

4 piles
  • diameter 1220 mm
  • thickness 25 mm
  • length 21m

Demolition of a barge
  • 320 tons of waste including asbestos

Heavy floating docks
  • 25m long
  • 8 cm wide
  • 0.9m of light freeboard
  • 150 m3 of concrete
  • 400 tons
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