Construction of a floating dock

The West Brittany Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry tasked the Charier Civil Engineering teams with the construction and installation of a floating dock for shallow draft fishing vessels at the port of Le Conquet.



  • Client: West Brittany Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Prime contractor: Artelia V&T
  • Duration: June 2018 > August 2018
  • Amount: €588,642 inclusive of tax

Distinctive features and constraints 

  • Drilling and placing piles using the Dinardaise method, a patented Charier technique
  • Towing by sea

Description of the works

  • Supply, tracking by driving and drilling 2 D 914 piles, 16 m and 19 m long, with the aid of a vibratory driver, a hydraulic breaker and a tilting drill mast on a floating dock.
  • Charier patented this so-called "Dinardaise" system of drilling.
  • Construction of a sinking basin of about 120 m3 under the footprint of the dock
  • Construction of an abutment block on micropiles
  • Precasting of a heavy dock of 25.00 m x 4; 80 m x 1; 75 m. It is composed of 160 m3 of polystyrene and 50 m3 of reinforced concrete.
  • Dock launched by the 400-ton boat lift of Concarneau.
  • Towing and anchoring in Le Conquet.
  • Installation of the footbridge by our co-contractor Atlantic Marine.
  • Finally balancing (sand in ballast boxes) once all the loads applied on the dock.
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