Creation of guard gate

To combat the silting up of the dock in the private port of Cergy, our Paris-based team was tasked with installing a guard gate at the canal's entrance.
It allows boats through when open.

It prevents the dock from silting up when closed.
This project involved a wide range of skills, from dredging to sluices, pile driving and civil engineering.
A construction site only accessible by water. 


Client: ASL Port Cergy
Prime Contractor: ISL Ingénierie
Duration of wors: July 2020 > February 2021
Amount: €2,760,120


Distinctive features and constraints 

  • Works carried out solely by water route
  • Severe environmental constraints
  • Construction site with multiple activities: civil engineering, pile driving, underwater excavation
  • Pumping concrete over a significant length. Dual pump concreting with one on dock.

Description of works

  • Building a cofferdam in sheet piling
  • Underwater excavation
  • Placing an end seal in immersed concrete
  • Providing the civil engineering for a guard gate
  • Placing riprap masonry

Main quantities

  • 125 T sheet piling
  • 180 m3 dredging
  • 360 m3 concrete
  • 265 lm berm in riprap
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