Extension of commercial, fishing and marina harbours

Extension of commercial, fishing and marina harbours

Construction of a sea wall, civil engineering, pile driving

As part of the plan to develop marinas in Brittany, Charier created a marina from A to Z. The project was awarded on the technical design options of part of the structures, such as:
  • Resizing the sea wall 
  • Redesigning the separating breakwater


  • Client: Morlaix Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Prime contractor: DDEA Finistère
  • Duration of works: 27 months (2010/2012)
  • Contract amount: €36,385,000 excluding tax

Distinctive features and constraints

  • Sizing and design of structural works (sea wall, pier, pier heads)
  • Exposed coastal site
  • Strong concurrent activities: fishing, pleasure craft, ferry operations

=> Construction of a protective sea wall in riprap 550 m long.
Main quantities:
- pleasure craft basin building debris: 120,000 m3
- backfill of sea wall core: 125,000 m3
- riprap 300/600 kg: 72,000 t
- riprap 3 to 6 t: 180,000 t

=> Construction of a 100-lm quay, a 50-ml quay, a 160-lm breakwater, a slipway, a dock for boat lift, pier heads and floating docks
Main quantities:
- volume of concrete: 31.500 m3
- underwater works (concrete base and installation of prefabricated components)

=> Production of support piles for dock finger, pleasure craft docks and breakwaters, foundation piles for the central breakwater
Main quantities:
- 47 piles diam. 406 mm thickness 12.7
- 23 piles diam. 406 mm thickness 17.9
- 59 piles diam. 711 mm thickness 20.0
- 18 piles diam. 813 mm thickness 20.2
- 20 piles diam. 1220 mm thickness 28.0
- anchorage length in rock between 3.00 and 6.00 m

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