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Port extension La Turballe
Port extension La Turballe
Dredging Port extension La Turballe
Materials Port extension La Turballe
The renovation of the Turballe port is a sign of the rapid expansion of renewable sea energies in France. In fact, the port's extension will mean the town can now accommodate EDF-Renewables' maintenance base for the first offshore wind farm in France, located off the Saint-Nazaire coast.

With an investment of 53 million euros, this large-scale project will take place in 2 successive stages for the port's gradual development. Charier was selected to complete the 1st stage of the project.

Besides the development of renewable sea energy, the joint association of Loire-Atlantique ports chose to rethink its multiple-activity sea area thereby enabling fishing, boating, ship repair and passenger transport activities to continue expanding and experience further rapid growth.

To support this metamorphosis, our teams are on deck, covering all lines of work. While the quarries produce the necessary aggregates, the Routes de La Turballe agency takes care of receiving and storing the Xblocs (4,000 in total), the excavation team gains ground at sea to build the new sea wall, while the civil engineering and maritime works teams prepare underwater the new fairway and the integration of the structural works.


  • Client: Les Ports de Loire-Atlantique (The Loire-Atlantique Ports)
  • Prime Contractor: SCE/BRLi
  • Duration of works: 21 months
  • Amount: €34,000,000 excluding tax

Distinctive features and constraints 

  • Procedure consistent with the presence of sea mammals
  • Preservation of port activities (fishing, boating, ship repair)
  • Limited footprint
  • Use of Xblocs

Key figures

  • 60 workers mobilized
  • 22 months of construction work
  • 35 machines deployed
  • Concrete: 11,000 m3 of concrete poured in place
  • 3,000 m3 of precast concrete
  • 170,000 m3 of backfill supplied
  • 212,000 t of riprap supplied
  • Final sea wall: 1 km long
  • Ship repair platform expanded from 14,500 m² to 24,500 m² (+1ha)
  • Outer port: + 53 moorings for pleasure craft
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