Rebuilding and reinforcing the quay

To expand the capacity to accommodate ships and operate the cereal grower terminal, the port of La Rochelle commissioned our team to reinforce the existing quay and its extension.



  • Client: Grand Port Maritime de La Rochelle
  • Prime contractor: Grand Port Maritime de La Rochelle
  • Duration of works: May 2012 - March 2014
  • Amount: €7,897,262 excluding tax

Distinctive features and constraints 

  • Working designs done in-house (re-engineering structural works)
  • Industrial port site in use
  • Structural reinforcement works on the underside of the structures

The Lombard quay is located in the port of La Rochelle; it is mainly dedicated to the cereal business.
The works consisted in rebuilding the micro-quay and reinforcing the existing quay.

The service included

  • Demolition of the micro-quay that extends the Lombard quay
  • Partial demolition of the sea wall and planing down the existing pier head
  • Excavation of the sinking basin next to the existing pier head
  • Extending the Lombard quay to the location of the micro-quay, creating 2 footbridges and remodelling the embankment over 70 lm
  • Repairing the ribs of 18 caissons of the existing Lombard quay
  • Repairing and reinforcing the 5 existing footbridges
  • Reinforcing the current quay for docking next to the 5 footbridges

All the working designs were produced by the Charier design and engineering department in accordance with Eurocodes (re-engineering of existing and new structures).

Techniques used

  • Hydro demolition of reinforced concrete and demolition of masonry.
  • Repair and reinforcement of the existing quay and footbridges underpinning the existing structure.
  • Dry process shotcrete.
  • Sinking basin rock removal by underwater means with a milling cutter mounted on large excavator.
  • Pre-fabricated reinforced concrete components on the site.
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