Restoration of quay

Vivescia used to have an unloading quay in the town of Mouy-sur-Seine.
The structure in sheet metal piling measured about 40 metres.
The back sheet piling upstream and downstream of the quay were in poor condition and the upstream and downstream embankments were severely eroded.
So it became necessary to restore the structure.


  • Client: Vivescia
  • Prime contractor: BIEF
  • Duration: September 2018 > January 2019
  • Amount: €509,340

Distinctive features and constraints 

  • Site in use open to river traffic
  • Hot work permit
  • Sensitive environment with creation of spawning ground
  • Connection to existing structure

The works consisted in

  • Replacing the back sheet piling of the quay with fitted piercap,
  • Reinforcing the quay and installing walings and struts,
  • Installing 2 metal dolphins, each equipped with two bollards,
  • Installing new quay equipment (fenders, ladders),
  • Producing 2 quay bollards anchored on piles,
  • Renovating the upstream and downstream embankments (geotextile, riprap, plants).

Main quantities

Reinforcement of embankments
  • Geotextile: 500 m²
  • Riprap: 2000 T
  • Seeding: 500 m²
  • Plants: 650 units

Quay equipment
  • Fenders: 6 ½ tubes Φ300
  • Ladders: 2 U
  • Quay bollards: 2 units
  • Anchored on tubes Φ508 – thickness 12.5
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